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Tiny Camping DIY Set for Plants

Tiny Camping DIY Set for Plants

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Change into comfy clothes, grab your tent and don’t forget the marshmallows because we’re going camping!

A crafty gift for creative plant lovers. Fun to do together, too! Adds a pop of gold – shiny brass and fresh greens are a style match made in heaven.

Take your time, there’s nothing more rewarding than a relaxing DIY afternoon. You’ll get a little extra joy every time you look at your plants.

Miniature Set – Dimensions 15 x 10.4 x 0.3cm


Calm and cozy

This DIY kit is your chance to go on an affordable city escape to your destination of dreams. Focusing on the amazingly detailed gold brass mini accessories gives your mind a lovely break from the day-to-day happenings.  Make sure you’re not in a rush, put on some music and invite a friend if you want. Create the scene you need to arrive at your calm and cosy camping destination.

Brilliant brass plant decorations

Can be used indoor and outdoor thanks to its protective coating.

Bursting with stories. This elaborate set can be used to decorate several pots.

Includes everything for a memorable trip…

The basics: a tent, a hammock, a coffee-maker, axe and marshmallows.

Binoculars for bird spotting, a canoe to float on the river and a guitar to sing along to.

Your cozy campfire might even attract some wildlife: a woodpecker, a bear, 2 deer, a hedgehog, a frog, a fox and a rabbit are included in the set.

Miniature Set – Dimensions 15 x 10.4 x 0.3cm

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