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The Irish Golf Widow Print

The Irish Golf Widow Print

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Sadly, each year thousands of people in Ireland tragically lose their partners to “Golf-aholism”.

‘Golf-aholism’ effects two in every seven couples and is projected to increase by 36.74% in 2026 with Ireland staging the Ryder Cup.

‘The Irish Golf Widow Association’ recognises these worrying trends and has made it our mission to support our members through this process. We believe that the first step is recognising that you maybe a ‘Golf Widow’.

Golf Widow Symptoms:

  1. My partner books weekends away that happen to be located on or near to a golf course.
  2. My partner pretends to work late, but they have been spotted at the driving range.
  3. Every time my partner drops something, they shout “FOUR”.
  4. I have noticed that my partner hides their “golfing spending habits”.
  5. My partner has forgotten the names of our children.
  6. My partner has falsely admitted to infidelity in order to hide the time they spend golfing.
  7. My partner wants to name our pet, “TIGER”.
  8. My partner unconsciously practices his swing, checks his footing, and tests his weight shift during conversations.
  9. My partner mumbles, “get in the hole” while sleeping.
  10. Our TV is filled to capacity with lock-protected golf lessons.


‘The Irish Golf Widow Association’ offer a confidential and judgement-free SAFE PLACE where like-minded golf widows can feel supported.

You are not alone with ‘The Irish Golf Widow Association’.

Please note this is an unframed print.
Artist: Ray Hurley.
Sizes: A4 (210mm x 297mm) or A5 (148 x 210mm)
All prints are digitally printed to 189gsm Archival Matte paper.
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