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Ground Family Calm Balm Set

Ground Family Calm Balm Set

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Discover the power of natural remedies with their calming balms specially created for school-going children. The Calm Balm collection includes age-appropriate formulas designed to help soothe stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation and focus. Gift your little ones the ability to self-soothe with our 100% natural Calm Balm set, featuring Calm Balm +5yrs and Calm Balm +10yrs. Perfect for use at bedtime or any time of day when a little extra support is needed.



Cúram Calm Balm – Children +5 Years Organic Chamomile & Mandarin - 100% natural, a gentle, modern day rescue balm for fractured moments, times of stress or irritated skin. Roman Chamomile helps clear heat, reducing inflammation and is renowned for its calmative effect. Use when you want to reduce fear, anxiety or restlessness. Blended with Mandarin, this comforting balm helps promote a restful sleep.

Cúram Calm Balm – Children +10 Years - Organic Marjoram & Bergamot - 100% natural, a gentle, modern day rescue balm which helps to calm overwhelm and provide emotional comfort for growing children. Bergamot is known for its soothing and restorative properties, while Marjoram helps strengthen the sense of emotional security. Encourage conscious breathing habits to help dispel negative emotions or any sense of panic, or to simply self soothe in order to help reduce stress, or anxiety.

Ground is handmade in Ireland in small batches with natural vegan ingredients. Never tested on animals.

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