Power To The Princess


Power to the Princess: 15 Favourite Fairytales Retold with Girl Power is a modernised retelling of classic fairy tales. Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White and all the other princesses in this collection are multi-national and multi-talented. They are powerful, independent, and intelligent, and entirely different to the princesses you’ve possibly encountered or read about before!

Murrow challenges the stereotypical gender roles of classic fairy tales: the princesses here are unrecognisable from the Grimm Brothers and Perrault’s versions. Gone are the spiteful, bitter female relationships of classic fairy tales such as Rapunzel; in Murrow’s version of the story the female characters help and support one another.

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Murrow rejects the idea that the dream of a ‘happily ever after’ is only for a male and female couple, or a prince and his princess. In Murrow’s collection, the Little Mermaid marries another princess, Melody, and the two work together to create harmony between their two worlds, and to clear the ocean – the mermaids’ home – of litter and pollution.

Julia Bereciartu’s wonderful illustrations bring Murrow’s vision of a contemporary, multi-national Fairyland to life. A collection of imaginative retellings, which hopes to provide young readers with new inspiring female role models.