Mermaids in Wonderland Colouring Book


An undersea journey in which mermaids swim with exotic fish, waltz with manatees and ride seahorses.

Mermaids in Wonderland offers a delicate line art to color in rich detail. Each part of the journey presents a riddle to solve by collecting and unscrambling a series of lettered keys embedded in the seascape. Solve each riddle to collect a prize that will serve you well in the next leg of your trip to the final puzzle that concludes the journey.

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Offering more than a standard coloring book, Mermaids in Wonderland is a meditative, interactive journey, filled with delightful riddles and puzzles that stimulate the mind. As enthusiasts add vivid color to the charming artwork and discover more of this lush wonderland, they will find images of lettered keys embedded in the drawings. Unscrambling the keys reveals the answers to a riddle and unlocks prizes—images representative of the words and tools needed to solve other riddles throughout the book. Also included are four perforated postcards to color and send or display.

Featuring a heavy card stock cover with extra-wide flaps, printed on heavy white paper with excellent opacity ideal for coloring with a range of instruments—markers, pencils, crayons, or paints—and framing, Mermaids in Wonderland provides hours of entertainment and fun and encourages colorist to tap into their creative spirits.