House Wisdom Lip Balm


Top note: clary sage
Heart note: 
lavender, yarrow

House Wisdom is a calming blend of herbs and florals which has been used for centuries by those knowledgable about their properties. It makes the perfect balm for Ravenclaws, who value a clear mind and the never-ending search for wisdom.

  • 4 ingredients + pure essential oils
  • Can be used as a cuticle cream
  • Recyclable aluminium container
  • Contains 11g balm (twice as much as regular chapstick)

All Literary Lip Balms are handmade in small batches and packaged by hand. There may be slight variations in colour and sizing between the same products. The natural ingredients protects and nourishes dry lips.

10ml  |  Recommended Use Before: 12 MONTHS

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