Chakra Chroi Milk Bath


A decadent Milk Bath,  with natural bath botanicals and new soft cotton shower pouch. 2 baths or one bath & 2 showers in every pack.

Chakra Chroi Soak ~ Crystal infused with rose quartz to promote love and self-love.

Also includes a carefully curated playlist for a fully immersive self care experience.

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Hand made with Irish grass fed cows milk and a bespoke blend of skin loving natural ingredients.

To use: Remove petals and botanicals and pour half the milk mixture in your bath, when bath is full scatter the petals and botanicals to create your loving self care space.

Open spotify app and scan the code into the search bar to chose your relaxing Milk Bath meditations, music or sound bath. bathe for 90 mins before bedtime to promote restful sleep.

To use in the shower put 2 tblspoon of the blend into your soft cotton bag and squeeze and stroke over skin as you shower.

Emerge after your shower or bath relaxed and restored.