Camping Soul Food Cookbook


Camping Soul Food Cookbook by The Buggans Family

Includes recipes, playlists, tips and tricks for when camping, and more.

About the Buggans and their book;

We are the Buggans’ family – a little family of three who love driving our campervan around Ireland.

Over the last few years, we’ve taken countless trips and learned so much about cooking with limited space, using the fridge to store beers for us and our friends, and how much more enjoyable brilliant tunes are when you’re outdoors with tasty grub.

So we’ve put together this Camping Soul Food cookbook with simple recipes you can do, either no-cook options or something you can cook on one gas ring or on a barbeque. Each recipe is paired with a playlist of Soul music.

In between, we’ve shared  camping and cooking hacks that we have found invaluable on our travels.

This book is A5sized, with over 60 recipes.

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